Patriots FC (Father’s Club)

Our goal

To provide positive male role models for our students.


Who should join?     

Dads, granddads, uncles, step dads, or older siblings. We are also open to including any influential individuals in our students’ lives (male or female).

What will I be doing?

FC members are simply asked to visit OMMN when they can – join us for student arrival, visit during lunch, walk our halls in the afternoon, or come by for student dismissal.

How do I sign up?

1. Sign up for FC club or Signup for FC club and a PTSA membership


  • receive your FC shirt that is to be worn when visiting the school

  • FC club membership is $7  ($5 if you are already a PTSA member or purchase a PTSA membership with FC club) 


2. Perform a free AACPS background check.


3.  Email Ms. Brophy,, to schedule a brief training

4.  E-mail Ms. Brophy,, to let us know you are coming for a visit. This not only allows us to give you a shout out on announcements but, it also ensures that the front office staff knows you’ll be here.